събота, 22 май 2010 г.

love is a temporary madness.


* love is always looking on the bright side of life.
* love is making sure u know where the kids are all the time.
* love is hoping the good times are just around the corner.
* love is knowing when he needs a little space.
* love is a song in ur heart.
* love is cooking the paste while he makes the sauce.
* love is when he only wants to dance with u.
* love is knowing that u're the most beautiful girl in the world, to him.
* love is when there's no place like home.
* love is living in hope.
* love is phoning when u're running late.
* love is sharing cool treats with warm hearts.
* love is driving with the top on to save her hairstyle.
* love is playing the game, when u already know the score.
* love is someone to carry ur skis.
* love is never having to worry about facing a new day alone.
* love is watching ur language in front of the children.
* love is pulling together when things get rough.
* love is feeling like kids, again.
* love is when he likes being pinned down.
* love is giving him a few subtle hints.
* love is paying him a compliment each day.
* love is taking and interest in their efforts.
* love is not unloading ur problems late at night.
* love is being valentines for twenty - five years.
* love is a dream for the taking.
* love is finishing the laundry for her.
* love is helping to bring up baby.
* love is a shaky but determined step.
* love is making a bit.
* love is sharing the homework.
* love is home cooking.


докато чистех стаята си попаднах на скромната си колекция от листчетата от онези дъвки 'love is ...', с които се скъсвах да правя балони като малка.
и реших да споделя усмивките.

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~ * Little Wonder * ~ каза...

Любовта е и споделяне. (:
Благодаря за споделянето! ^^

Do каза...

Шеметче, аз съм До.. от dodnes.blogspot.com, блогът ми беше откраднат и аз не мога да го ползвам повече. Човекът, който побликува вътре НЕ съм аз. Моляте да го изтриеш от списъка си на следене. Благодаря ти :)